Case Studies

Slope Stabilisation Design

Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo

Slope Failure, Salcombe

Red Rock was asked to provide an assessment and stabilisation design for a rock face prior to the construction of a new private residential dwelling.

Poor quality loosely interlocked rock masses present a number of challenges to stabilisation and construction. In Salcombe, a preliminary gunite surfacing permitted sufficient retention to permit rock blocks to be anchored on a grid pattern, with the final surface mesh and gunited for a  hard durable facing.  The stabilisation of the slope eventually also included rock anchoring, soil nailing.

Red Rock's stabilisation design was implemented by Celtic Rock Services Ltd, and commenced with scaling and removal of loose blocks, soil and vegetation removal, the battering back of soil overburden to stable (1:1) angles where possible, and the installation of a gunite layer across the rock face to infill existing voids and to provide a safe stable surface for the installation of the rock anchors and the soil nails. 


The Gobbins Coastal Walkway

For the last few years Red Rock Geo have been Geotechnical consultants to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council leading the works to reopen the Gobbins Coastal Walkway in Northern Ireland.

Fort Bovisand Redevelopment

Red Rock have been geotechnical consultants for the £14m redevelopment of the historic Victorian fort of Fort Bovisand lying on the eastern approaches to Plymouth Sound.