Case Studies

Slope Stabilisation Design

Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo

Dawlish, Devon

Red Rock undertook ground investigations and inspections of a section of cliff to provide a design for the slope stabilisation of a coastal cliff section.

Slippages along the coastal fringe encroach towards private properties resulting in a potential devaluation. 

At a cliff edge property in Dawlish, the coastal cliffs surround the north eastern and eastern periphery of the property for a length of some 65m and most of the upper 5-10m section of coastal cliff in this area is between 45-60 degrees and vegetated.  An instability of the north-east facing cliff resulted in a loss of soil from the upper 10 metres of the cliff.  

Due to the encroachment of the cliff towards the property at this point, Red Rock were called in to undertake a cliff assessment and produce a slope stabilisation design.  Preliminary inspections of the cliff were undertaken by IRATA qualified geological engineers and following geological borehole investigations, a soil nail slope stabilisation scheme with raking drains was produced, with a geo?composite to permit vegetation regrowth. 

The Gobbins Coastal Walkway

For the last few years Red Rock Geo have been Geotechnical consultants to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council leading the works to reopen the Gobbins Coastal Walkway in Northern Ireland.

Fort Bovisand Redevelopment

Red Rock have been geotechnical consultants for the £14m redevelopment of the historic Victorian fort of Fort Bovisand lying on the eastern approaches to Plymouth Sound.