Case Studies

Contaminated Land Assessment

Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo

Former Community Centre, Plymouth

Works on this derelict community centre involved extensive asbestos remediation and validation testing.

Initial limited site investigations by others identified some cement bound asbestos buried in the ground, but failed to fully characterise the site with regard to the total asbestos risk. 

During remaining demolition works, extensive areas of asbestos contamination were identified within basement structures and ducts.  Red Rock were then commissioned to characterise the nature and extent of this soil contamination, building a forensic history of events leading up to the discovery of this contamination.  This information was useful in identifying similar sites where initial demolition practices may have caused cross contamination of made ground soils, thereby preventing similar problems in the future for the client. 


Site characterisation resulted in a multi-phase remediation strategy which minimised disposal of contaminated soils to only those worst impacted, with extensive sorting and on site treatment for reuse of materials saving hundreds of thousands of pounds. Long term risks were minimised on the site, reducing the client’s future liabilities, and significantly reducing remediation costs.

The Gobbins Coastal Walkway

For the last few years Red Rock Geo have been Geotechnical consultants to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council leading the works to reopen the Gobbins Coastal Walkway in Northern Ireland.

Fort Bovisand Redevelopment

Red Rock have been geotechnical consultants for the £14m redevelopment of the historic Victorian fort of Fort Bovisand lying on the eastern approaches to Plymouth Sound.