Case Studies

Site Investigation

Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo
Case Study Photo

Derelict Site, Stratford, London

This high profile re-development involved detailed investigations, culminating in extensive soil and remediation works.

A high profile international developer invited Red Rock to work alongside their appointed demolition contractor on a 10.6 Ha site near the Olympic park.  Their aim was to further investigate the site and develop strategies for remediation which could work alongside demolition efforts and reduce cost and time.  


The site represented numerous challenges including being bounded by waterways with canal walls, several metres of made ground from over 300 years of industrial development, numerous subsurface structures, a diverse range of complex contaminants including DNAPLs, LNAPLs, cyanides, asbestos, PAHs and creosote components including numerous phenols.  The site was a high risk for UXO, and included made ground from WWII demolition some of which contained human remains. 


As information was obtained, Red Rock worked closely with the client and their engineers to select complementary remediation options for the many complex contaminants on the site.  Throughout the investigations and delivery of the final remediation strategy.  Red Rock were involved with the management team in ensuring best value and efficiency of approach were achieved whilst environmental risks were carefully scrutinised.  Remediation has successfully commenced with a programme of treatment expected to continue in phases throughout 2015-2016.

The Gobbins Coastal Walkway

For the last few years Red Rock Geo have been Geotechnical consultants to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council leading the works to reopen the Gobbins Coastal Walkway in Northern Ireland.

Fort Bovisand Redevelopment

Red Rock have been geotechnical consultants for the £14m redevelopment of the historic Victorian fort of Fort Bovisand lying on the eastern approaches to Plymouth Sound.