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Brownfield & Contaminated Land Conference 2018 - Belfast

Brownfield & Contaminated Land Conference 2018 - Belfast

20 Apr 2018 POSTED BY: ADMIN

Paula Grgich-Warke had a great time in Belfast keeping up to date with the newest techniques for risk assessment and remediation of contaminated land at the Brownfield Briefing 2018 Brownfield & Contaminated Land conference, and getting the chance to discuss these topics with some amazing people in the industry.

Paula attended talks from several experts in both government and industry on how best to tackle the issues of contaminated land and groundwater on various scales. From implementing planning on both national and local levels, to new technqiues in assessing and remediating contaminants like VOCs and asbestos, a wide range of topics were covered to give a detailed and robust account of the challenges we face and how best to overcome them.

Staying informed on new methods like these allows us to effectively minimise risk and help protect the environment without compromising our service.